Bedroom Gig Appreciation

Bedroom Rockstars
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What it's all about:
Sitting in your room listening to music.
On comes a good song.. you just can't help yourself...
Before you know it you've grabbed your instrument (real or air.. it doesn't matter)
And you're rocking out all over the place. Pulling moves and flipping off you bed.
Let's not forget crowd interaction...

Sound like you?
Then this is the community for you!

This is a place for those that know how to rock behind closed doors and aren't afraid to admit it. Share you favorite songs, bands, moves. Whatever!

If you want.. you could fill in the wee survey provided below the rules

Advertising is ok as long as it's on topic and kept to a minimum.. If you're taking the piss and are advertising without ever contributing to the community I'll delete and ban without mercy.
Please put images behind a cut.. there's still people stuck in the internet ice age
Thats it!

Musical Bands Of Choice (just a wee selection!):
Current bedroom instrument of choice:
Real or air:
Current bedroom gig band of choice:
Current bedroom gig track of choice:
Favorite move:
Anything else:

Thanks.. enjoy.. have fun.. tell you friends!
Using this if you want!

Image location is: http://www.audiostar.org/image/bedroomadvert.jpg :stick it in img tags and away you go!

Oh and if you have any problems..