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Name: Dotty
Location: Studio 84
Musical Bands Of Choice (just a wee selection!): Norma Jean, The Chariot, From a second story window
Current bedroom instrument of choice: Bass
Real or air: Real
Current bedroom gig band of choice: The Chariot
Current bedroom gig track of choice: Before there was atlanta.... - THE CHARIOT or FASSW - Vesper
Favorite move: I dunno what to call it really you hold the string and the neck and throw it quickly i'd call it the "schitzo throw"
Anything else: I play real with my bass it's not plugged in or has cables plugged in though. i use the edge of my bed as my amp to rest my leg on and the best is usual where i try to fall if i get carried away.

Ah true Bedroom gigger has marks or wall scars in there room you should never be careful and let yourself go

My dream is to be able to do a full bass swing round my neck (in my room)

And when i bedroom gig, i usually play one bands whole album and just randomize the tracks.
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